Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of "Industry" by Hyperial

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1. Of Concrete and Ash Age
2. Rotted Society
3. Toxic Secretion of Being
4. Industry
6. The Eternal Paradise of the Illusion

Hyperial came into existence in 2006. It's a group of different people and each of them has various musical roots. The music of Hyperial may be named as an eclectic metal, by mixing diverse music styles. Most of all, there are futuristic keyboard sections emphasizing the remarkable sound.

It's a year 2007, when Hyperial records 2-tracked demo titled "The eternal paradise of the illusion". What turns out soon, the band starts thinking that it's high time they recorded something more professional, that could be shown to the wider audience. The creation of the new material it's what exactly Hyperial makes this time. This time material is based to the less extent on black metal music. Instead of this, there are more precise (elaborate- misterne) guitar riffs.

2010, the band releases debut album “Sceptical Vision” by the label Psycho Records. This vision has an enthusiastic reception. The band receives some positive opinions about the album. It comes via metal websites, as well from the metal magazines.

2011 is the year of personal struggle in Hyperial. Another drummer decides to leave the band. The four members, who remain, look for the new one for few weeks. In the meantime, they create the new material. After implementation of new personal order, Hyperial makes up for with recording the new EP. Currently, the band is looking for a label.

This album starts off with “Of Concrete and Ash Age,” which is quite the brutal track with great riffs and enjoyable technical diddles. The vocals are dirty with a mix of growls and screams and the keyboard also adds a lot to the band’s overall feel. The drummer is quite talented with the blast beats and beastly fills as well. “Rotted Society” brings a really in your face feel with the power of the drums and ear pounding riffs. The keyboard felt a little weird and took away from the death metal aspect but it isn’t too much of a bother, as some keyboard parts are epic, but one part just didn’t feel right. I really enjoyed the accompaniment of the bass riff, drums, and keyboard in “Toxic Secretion of Being”, those parts were really great. The slam bits were really heavy and groovy and the ear bleeding brutality bits were amazing. There is a really nice solo on this track as well.

The album title track, “Industry,” brings a great mix of pounding riffs as well as slower grooves, although it is mostly just a moshtastic heavy ride on the train to Brutal City. The keyboard really adds to this track and this is probably my favourite on the album. The next track, “MMXII-MMXXX” is an epic ambient instrumental to get you ready for the final track, “The Eternal Paradise of the Illusion,” which has a mix of groove and technicality that is incredible. This album concluding track brings the album in a full circle and showcases everything this band is good at, which is keeping it brutal but also having an epic feel.

Hyperial bring an interesting mix of death metal and keyboards, which makes for an awesome listen. There is only one time in which the keyboard trump over brutal riffs which takes away from the brutal feel, but other then that one occurrence the keyboard fit. I highly recommend picking this up and supporting these guys, especially if you like death metal with a side of epic.

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