Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review of "Pangea" by Attempted Life

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1. Rhum and Razorblades
2. Graveyard Bitch
3. Desert Song
4. Icy Icers
5. Pangaea

Attempted Life is a trio founded in 2012  from Helsinki, Finland

Things kicked off when it became obvious that Attempted Life and its music should be free of limitations and inhibitions of any kind. Because of that some people disappeared, some vanished and some could not say shit. The right ones remained, however.  After stabilizing a solid line-up, the band wrote and recorded their first release, "Pangaea EP". The five-track EP gives a good starting point to what the band is about musically.  Few can deny that the truth does not lie in juicy riffs and ripe beats.

In August 2012 the band shot its first music video for the song "Icy Icers", which immediately caught the attention of Finnish media and YouTube experts.  The video also captures some of the energy that is present in the bands live performances

Like a toothless dog biting like the lies of an ex-wife slitting throats with a dull knife.

That’s the sound.

The album starts with great bass and technical groovy chugs with the track “Rhum and Razorblades.” I like the mix of heavy bits and the mellower lead guitar accompanied by blast beats and bass riffs. It is a really great thrash-infused deathcore feeling track. The vocals on “Graveyard Bitch” are really dirty sounding and the guitars are great and have a nice heavy melodic vibe to them. I’m not sure if you would call it a breakdown about half way through but it was pretty awesome sounding. “Desert Song” is a great punk thrash style on this track. It is in your face and makes you want to mosh the biggest guy you could find in a pit. There is great solo on this track with equally badass chugs to follow and another nice breakdown finished off the track.

The melodic and groove riffs on “Icy Icers” are undeniably enjoyable. There is another amazing solo, with accompanying bass, and this track is filled with greatness. The last track, “Pangaea,” is a relatively slower track. The riffs are much mellower than the rest of the album, but this track is still a great one. They are very well done and groovy in places, the mellow lead bits aren’t even that bad either. It was a great mix of heavy and soft to conclude the album.

“Pangaea” is a great album and I think Attempted Life are doing what they do well. The mix of thrash and punk with the death metal stylings is very well done. The heaviness and groove bits, are great to listen through and makes the entire album amazing. The only problem I have with it, isn’t even more of a problem but more of a message to the band: make more music! Twenty minute albums make me want more!

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