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Track-by-track commentary of "In Love & Silent Screams" with Luna Reign

This is a new segment in which we delve into the thought process of bands and musicians, finding out how they form their songs, what inspires them, and what their own music means to them. In this first look, we get a better understanding of the one-man band Luna Reign, a very gothic heavy metal project, and his album "In Love & Silent Screams." I also reviewed this album and you can read the review here. Go support this guy and what he does by liking the Luna Reign Facebook page and buying the albums at BandCamp, which are pay what you want.

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1. Blood
2. Snow Blinded
3. Broken
4. Luna Eclipse II
5. Save You?
6. In Love And Silent Screams
7. As The World Falls
8. The Key
9. Kiss The Sky
10. Fallen Empire

Luna Reign: 'Blood' was actually supposed to be the opening track for album 3. But I didn’t like the fact that 'In love & Silent Screams' was an E.P., so I put 'Blood', 'Luna Eclipse II', 'Kiss the sky' and 'Fallen Empire' onto it, to form the album. 'Bloods' Lyric content seems to fall back on a subject I try to avoid due to stigma issues and misinterpretation. The Modern Horror and dark taboo of self harm to survive. I don’t indulge in such activities but have in the past. The song lyrics are a long dark echo from the past, but which still has baring on the songs main subject matter. The subject being 'one who has lost everything' what would you feel? It helped a lot actually going through that at the time of writing. The first verse depicts this sense of nothing mixed in with flash backs of promising never to self harm again to a frightened parent. As if to justify not falling back on old traits. The Chorus implies one trapped in a no escape situation, denying himself refuge in addiction only to face the bleakness of his reality head on. To breath is all that one has left. Verse 2 sees him trying to force his mind to not collapse in on itself by reliving the abuses suffered in the past. Flash back to seeing the abuser die in a dream and having the ability to save him, but choosing not too. Torn to pieces by the guilt and understanding of why.

Snow Blinded
Luna Reign: Snow Blinded was the original opening track for the 'In Love and Silent Screams' E.P. and is also the Luna Reign Christmas song :) A beautiful song encapsulating how not wonderful Christmas is when you have nothing. Verse 1 shows a person who is trapped by circumstance and wants to escape, but cant fall back on old addictions because of Love. Positive or negative is open to individual view. The Chorus shows the pretending to be jolly due to the seasonal bombardment by the retail world. Knowing full well that one day of poverty and misery follows the next regardless of its name. He puts on a fake smile to please others and to perhaps hopefully fool himself. Verse 2 shows a plea to the miracle man of the moment for help, whilst left scared by bleak reality. Then falls upon basic animal instincts to survive in order to unbrainwash himself from societies fake delusions. Then follows a simple request for the safety of other 'Goodwill to all, if you stay away from me'. The Guitar bridge shows a violent break down followed by dark light serenity of some one laying on their knees in the snow, eyes wide, full of terror and understanding. Verse 3 once again pleas to the man of the moment for release. The fact that I stayed alive to even record this album is a bloody miracle in itself. lol.

Luna Reign: 'Broken' is 3am, the booze has run out and everyone lays wasted, half naked and half unconscious after a night of debauchery. The TV shows scenes of horror and death flickering across the magnolia walls of a dingy council flat. A flash back to a dark yet loved past mixed with modern horrid realities. Not regret, just pure observation. Again positive or negative is for you to choose. The Chorus speaks a blatant lie towards the culprit of instigation, to release their guilt and crush ones self worth. Luna Reign is about facing your fears head on! 'Broken' is making no judgement, just an observation of reality.

Luna Eclipse II
Luna Reign: A sweet little song based on someone who wants to love and forgive a family member (who has abused and tried to murder them on numerous occasions) but can't due to sanity. The song builds up with a torrent of soul wrenching ambivalence, love, hate, regret and hope which is known to be only a fantasy, as the tiger can never changer its stripes.

Save You?
Luna Reign: A song based on the Journal entries of a friend on, who described a close family members true sufferings of cancer. She described all the pain from the dangerous chemicals needed for chemotherapy. Revealing all the information that is covered up to the world. The splitting fingers and burnt throat just from taking the pills. The family suffering as the victim chooses not to take the pills anymore and begins to heal, not the cancer but the unbearable debilitating chemo pains. Knowing full well that death was close, but would be less painful. I felt profoundly touched be her honesty and bravery in facing such a diabolical fear head on! and realised its something most of us may have to face. In which case, where is God? Can he stop this suffering? Did these people deserve it? Is God truly that vindictive? Would the prays of a desperate soul truly heal such an illness? or are we simply alone? 'Save you?' is a reflection of this. Much love to you all and hopefully an end to cancer will come soon.

In Love & Silent Screams
Luna Reign: 'In Love & Silent Screams' is based on a true story I read in the paper (sorry, not sure if TRUE story and paper can go in the same sentence) As I flicked through the pagers I saw a story which said that two young upstanding members of society 'a teacher and a doctor' were found dead in a car filled with exhaust fumes. A suicide letter was left, stating they had found each other on an online suicide site and hooked up to pass over. I think society must be failing somewhere for such model citizens to want this. I hope they found what they wanted. Peace to them both. This song is written from their point of view. WARNING! death is a hindrance to anyone who wishes to enjoy a preoccupation of the living physicality, regardless of metaphysical stance.

As The World Falls
Luna Reign: A powerful Rock song about the worlds end.........Stand tall! be who your are! without fear! this is your last chance! face it! face it head on! eye to eye! there is nothing to lose! watch those who degraded you with institutionalised power, cry on their knees. As you stand proud, watching the world fall.

The Key
Luna Reign: A beautiful love song written about a broken heart missing its first love. Knowing the relationship was bad, but holding onto select memories of joy, connection, and unison. A love addiction mixed with inner turmoil and longing, for that which was never truly there. They both saved each other from death, even if it was only for a short time. (true story)

Kiss The Sky
Luna Reign: In a small Local town, I went for a piss in a public bog and found a designated used needles bin, full, hanging of the wall. It made me wondered how many people have died because of this needle? How many people have chosen that path as the only way out? What happened to them to make that decision? Is it the ultimate escapism? with chance of permanence? 'Kiss the sky' is written from both perspectives, as user and outsider looking in. A drug induced song representing dark fatal euphoria. In the past I have been no stranger to this world. I judge no-one, I just observe and feel.

Fallen Empire
Luna Reign: This song was written around the time of the queens jubilee, a stark look at what the British Empire has become. A burnt out shell of unappreciated and badly treated people. England is an illusion of majesty. The divide becoming even more apparent between the rich and poor. An artist who is a reflection of that which surrounds him, tries desperately to create for a glimpse of hope.

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