Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review of Enter Euphoria's self-titled album

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1. Trip (Intro)
2. Hallucination
3. As Darkness Consumes
4. Snappin' Necks and Cashin' Cheques
5. False Hopes
6.Think Like A Killer

Enter Euphoria was formed in April of 2010 by Brandon Damant and Brett Albin. The course of this band really seemed to pick up more or so half way in the year of 2011, as well have had their share of different members. Nonetheless this is the most successful line up the band has had. Six members all coming together to write some music that they love.

A heavy intro for the album titled “Trip” starts the album off. It really gets you in the mood to break bones and it has a little bit of a catchy rhythm to it. The next track is “Hallucination” bringing great riffs and is melodic without being over melodic, which is good. Having two vocalists doing a higher scream and a lower growl really gives them a darker sound. “As Darkness Consumes” is an awesome track and heavy with some brutal parts to it. The vocals get quite menacing on this and the solo is well done near the end. I’m not too big a fan of the title of the next track, “Snappin' Necks and Cashin' Cheques”, but whatever floats your boats, heavy metal gangsters. It is a good track nonetheless, with great grooves and what sounds like southern thrash metal breaks. There is another great solo on this track as well and this is probably their catchiest track. “False Hopes” is more about the thrash, as well as bringing nice melodic riffs into the mix it makes for a moshtastic time. The track gets more brutal closer to the end making a really good combination of everything this band does best. A really badass track to finish the album is “Think Like A Killer,” with heavy melodic riffs as well as great brutal breaks, plus a nice solo on this track as well.

I’ve been interested to hear what Enter Euphoria sounded like for a while and I am kind of impressed. These guys are tight and have really proved to me that two vocalists isn’t as bad as it seems. Enter Euphoria brings a great mix of melodic riffs as well as brutal punches to the ear. You should definitely check these guys out and see them whenever they play in the Oshawa area. Also at the time of writing, they are actually playing a show with The Faceless and Rings of Saturn, so I’d like to say congratulations to them for that and I wish I could have came!

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