Monday, June 17, 2013

Review of " Whales Part 2: Tomorrowland" by The Calefaction

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1. On The Horizon
2. Seasons In Motion
3. Lt. Bogomil
4. The Greatest Story
5. Drop The S
6. The Ballad of Epic Proportion
7. Gold Plated Winkle Pin

5-piece Experimental Rock fusion from San Diego, CA. Taking a fresh perspective on Classic music, The Calefaction delivers for all audiences. Having a vast love for just about every type of music the collaboration of styles creates a unique story in itself. Genuinely it's rare to find a band this determined focusing not on passing trends but writing great songs that will live on forever.

The first track, “On The Horizon,” is really awesome to start the day to. The guitars have an awesome flow to them and although I’m not a big fan of clean vocals, I forgive these guys because they’re a really tight band filled with great dudes. “Seasons In Motion” is really catchy, the guitar and bass riffs especially. When they went from mellow to a heavier jam it made me like the sound more and the lead guitar is really nice as well. Nick definitely knows how to make me enjoy clean vocals, I usually like my metal heavy, but this was a great break. Just when I thought I had my favourite track thought out, “Lt. Bogomil” outdoes the previous track, with really groovy melodic riffs and a heavier style. There’s even some screams on this which is always awesome.

Keeping with the catchy riffs is the track, “The Greatest Story.” The lead guitar is really relaxing with it’s chilled out parts. The Calefaction definitely have a way with the guitar. I kind of wish they said shit instead of just “s” on “Drop The S.” There’s a nice little melodic break on this track with nice lead guitar and bass, which turns into something bigger that sounds incredible. The next track title says is all, as it is just as it is named, “The Ballad of Epic Proportion.” It’s pretty heavy for a ballad, but the guitars are for sure epically groove-tastic. It is definitely a great track to show off the vocal skill. The album ends off with some really amazing guitar work on “Gold Plated Winkle Pin.” It definitely is a good conclusion to the album which really badass riffs, that kind of in a way reminds me of old As I Lay Dying.

This definitely isn’t one of my normal reviews, but being friends with these guys I thought I should review this album so more people would know about them. I’m sure they may not be as heavy as some may like them to be but they are tighter and well established than some bands out there. You should definitely give these guys a listen, they are some great dudes!

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