Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review of Unbowed's self-titled album

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1. Shadow of Dark Decay
2. March of the Giants
3. Gwyn Ap Nudd
4. The Prophecy Foretold
5. As Winter Claims My Soul

Unbowed began in March of 2011 as a basement recording project with grand aspirations....

In January 2013 Unbowed released their first EP "Unbowed" and is currently working on establishing their name in the local scene as well as planning for the future.

A great keyboard intro to start this album off right on the first track “Shadow of Dark Decay,” then a great folk riff joins and then it’s time to grab a pint and head bang. It had a great mix of heavy riffs and folk style.
The guitars had an awesome groove to them on "March of the Giants" and combined with the keyboard sounded incredible, definitely an epic track. "Gwyn Ap Nudd" sounds more grim than folk which is awesome, as black and folk are a perfect combination. The keyboard near the end made this track especially gruelling and evil sounding, which is badass. The next track, "The Prophecy Foretold" has more folk feel to it with catchy riffs and sword clashing epicness. The mellower finish was really nice sounding with great keyboard and bass. A badass track to end the album came in the form of "As Winter Claims My Soul," with heavy folky grooves. The drums had an awesome beat half way through, it makes you want to march into battle. It is definitely an awesome conclusion to an epic album.

Unbowed are one of the best local folk bands I know. With the epic ambience of the keyboard, the catchy folk riffs, and the more menacing riffs, they bring an incredible mix of folk and black metal styles to the table. I was able to catch these guys live once and they are definitely worth checking out live. The album is great at well, so pick it up!

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