Monday, June 24, 2013

Spotlight: Man of Steel (Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon)

A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.

Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Immortals, Red Riding Hood) as Clark Kent / Kal-El
Amy Adams (The Master, The Fighter, Doubt) as Lois Lane
Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Take Shelter, Revolutionary Road) as General Zod
Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys, The Postman, Waterworld) and Diane Lane (Cinema Verite, Unfaithful, A Walk on the Moon) as Jonathan and Martha Kent
Laurence Fishburne (Matrix, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as Perry White
Russell Crowe (Les Misérables, American Gangster, Cinderella Man) as Jor-El
Antje Traue (Pandorum, 5 Days of War) as Faora
Ayelet Zurer (Nina’s Tragedies, Betipul, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn) as Lara Lor-Van

Henry Cavill is perfect for the role of Superman, although he is not as douche like as he could have been. It would have been a great lead in for Justice League with Batman having him started his personality. Michael Shannon makes an incredible villain and General Zod really makes me like this movie since Superman is my least favourite Marvel hero. The action scenes were stellar, although some people didn’t like them. The progression was a little slow and the movie a little long but it served its purpose. Although Superman isn’t my favourite super hero, I feel a good reboot of the franchise was needed with a new Superman so they could begin promoting Justice League.

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