Monday, June 24, 2013

Review of "Infortunium" by Besegra

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1. This is what killers are made of
2. The Beast Submits
3. Open Arms
4. Master of Attrition
5. Division
6. Blood Lust

“An energetic, intense assault of melodies and fast-paced thrash” - one way of describing Besegra and part of what they bring to the table for the metal industry. From the thundering bass of Cory Hauley, to the onslaught of technical beauty risen from the guitars of Trevor Gehl and Zach Rouse, to the blistering beats of one Brennan Ferrar… One mustn’t look far into Besegra’s depths to hear the well-rounded skill of the band. All of this masterful work is then tied together by front man Max Warwick’s demonic vocals, and lyrical prowess.

What was it that conceived this musical child? Well, Besegra had its true beginning in early 2009 with original members Zach Rouse and Andrew Aitchison. Through several member changes they found Andy Dmytryshyn, an exceptional replacement as bassist. With the necessity for a vocalist still in the air, Andy then went on to recruit Max Warwick, who at the time was slowly departing from his previous band, Rise Helios.

From there they practiced week-in and week-out to make their debut at their hometown’s cultural hotspot of the metal scene, The Ford Plant. This is where Trevor Gehl first heard the band, and out of sheer chance struck up a conversation with Andy. Trevor had too been slowly coming undone from his old band Apocalyptic Ruins.

In 2012, Andy Dmytryshyn departed from the band on his own terms to fulfill his musical needs, and in place of him came Cory Hauley, ex- Disseverance bass player with a dangerous hunger for metal. And so, he began his new journey with Besegra.

Over the past three years, Besegra has been working diligently to shake the earth in Canada with their metal. Sharing the stage with Our Lady of Bloodshed, Misguided Aggression, Thine Eyes Bleed, Divinity, Unleash the Archers, Cauldron, Beneath the Massacre, Black Guard, Endast, Betrayer, and so on, has been an exhilarating start to their career.

Besegra’s first major release is planned for release in the spring of 2013. “Infortunium” was recorded in the forests of Quebec with Bart Frydrychowicz (guitarist, Quo Vadis). It is now being mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel of Clintworks Mixing & Mastering (Amon Amarth, 3 Inches of Blood, Ensiferum, Misery Index, etc…) and will soon devastate the world. Will you be prepared?

To be continued…

A nice melodic feel to start the album off with “This is what killers are made of,” the vocals are great as well. About half way through the track moves away from its melo-death feel and punches you in the face with a thrashy assault which is really badass. The solo on this track is extremely impressive. “The Beast Submits” gave me a heavy metal feel at the beginning but quickly transitioned in the some death metal riffs. The speed of the guitars and the addition of melodic bits were nice. Besegra definitely knows how to pull of solos perfectly whenever they want without difficulty, as the solo on this track was more impressive than the first one.

Another astounding track for guitars is “Open Arms,” with the quick gut wrenching chugs and the melodic pieces as well, as well as another great solo. An awesome technical bit opens up the next track, “Master of Attrition.” The way the riffs flowed on this track were catchy and tight and there is a nice mellow bit about half way through with some chilled out guitar and bass, which made for a great mix of heavy in your face and relaxed parts. A nice sludgy chug and melodic beginning to “Division”, when it speeds up it makes it even more epic. There is also another mellow bit on this track with great lead guitar work. A thrashier track to end the album comes with “Blood Lust.” The bit half way through with the chugs and technical riff was really awesome and there are amazing solos on this track.

Having not heard Besegra before, they really brought an intense arsenal of heavy, thrash, death, and progressive metal styles and mixed them into their own. They are one of the tightest bands in Ontario in my opinion and execute their craft perfectly. I hope I can see them live soon and you should too and buy this album of course.

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