Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review of "Falling Of Skies" by Dead 3 Days

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1. Intro
2. Forget The Dread
3. Born In Abyss
4. Puppets For The Machine (Of Greed And Dominance)
5. Ain't Enough Justice For The Unjust
6. Save Your Own Damn Grace
7. Realm Of Death
8. Prey On The Weak
9. Falling Of Skies

“Dead 3 Days started in June 2011 with Austin Chappell and Jason Ware communicating through kijiji. Over the summer Born In Abyss and Realm of Death were written. By August vocalist Dakota Harfman and drummer Danny Arnott had joined the band. Like most bands they had difficulty finding a bass player, so as a favor Casey Elliott (guitar player of Vesperia) offered to play for a while but ended up having fun and joining. Casey filled in for bass for about a year but eventually got to busy with school and Vesperia and had to leave, Shayne Durocher filled his spot and has been playing with the band ever since. Once they had a full line up Puppets for the Machine of Greed and Dominance, Save Your Own Damn Grace, and Falling of Skies were written and they started playing shows. The band does all recordings at Austin’s home studio, and he produces all the music himself as well as record/produce for other local bands for his company InZen Music.”

There is a great intro to open up the album with nice tapping and groovy chugs. The album’s first track is entitled “Forget The Dread” and brings a superb mix of melodic and heavy riffs while creating a dirty sound with incredible vocals. I can’t help but laugh at the lyrics written for this track as whenever a word is strung out soooo arrree theee llleeettteeerrrsss! The next is a rerecording of “Born In Abyss,” which definitely sounds a lot tighter than on the band’s first EP with a lot clearer guitars and such. I like the little bass diddle and the solos that follow after and it is one of my favourites for sure. “Puppets For The Machine (Of Greed And Dominance)” is another rerecording. The mix of high and low screams and growls is intense on this track and makes for a menacing listen, with the addition of the guitars giving you melodic brutality.

The next track is a badass one, entitled “Ain't Enough Justice For The Unjust,” with nice grooves as well as mellow parts with bass riffs. This track has everything you love about Dead 3 Days and more, making it possibly my new favourite by them. Another rerecording comes with the great track “Save Your Own Damn Grace.” I kind of felt it was short but then I realized I was rocking out too hard and lost track of time. It has amazing riffs which are tastefully all over the place. I can’t remember if I heard the keyboards in the original, but they make me laugh with how epic they are. “Realm Of Death” is another rerecording, but an awesome heavy track with a badass mellow bass groove, which leads to a very impressive guitar riff.

The next track, “Prey On The Weak,” reminded me somewhat of Meshuggah, the way the guitar rhythm went at the beginning but after that they quickly switch it up and go completely technical but also melodic death metal which was really epic. The way they blended those three styles is really talented and make for a amazing listen. The last track is a rerecording of “Falling Of Skies” which is an intense track. The melodic breakdown at the beginning is always incredible and the whole track is one big sludge-tastic funfest, great way to end the album.

“Falling of Skies” is a great album from my friends in Dead 3 Days. The album is spectacular and although I would have liked to here more new tracks than rerecordings, it is always excellent to see how bands I know improve on their sound. You should definitely give this album a listen and if you haven’t seen them live, go do so if you live in Ontario.

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