Monday, March 12, 2012

Review of Breach False Minds by Exalt

1. Loss Rejoice
2. Misled
3. Warmth & Winter
4. Partisan Eyes
5. Empty Dreamer Frail As Feathers
6. No Son
7. Serpents At My Feet
8. Onward
9. Pray For Release
10. Rejoice Loss

Breach False Minds is an album from Kitchener, Ontario’s hardcore band Exalt. I am not sure if this is their first full length or not. The group consist of Tyler Brand on vocals, Ben Waugh on vocals and guitar, Tim Waugh on the drums, Nick Denomme on bass, and John-Paul Denomme on guitar.

This is the first time I have listened to this band and I was never one to enjoy hardcore but Exalt was not as bad as I was expecting to be due not being a fan of the genre is today. The vocals are very good and the hardcore seen needs more of this instead of the horrible growling and pig squeals that you usually here these days. The guitar is all over the place at times with its technicality but is very awesome sounding nonetheless. This album at time reminded me of Frail Words Collapse era As I Lay Dying which is actually my favourite album of theirs. These guys actually surprised me and I do not mean to insult them if I did. I would definitely listen to them again and even book them at a show in my town, whenever I organize another but that a whole other story entirely (no venue, no audience blah bah). If you are a fan of hardcore I would definitely check them out because they sure do beat the hell out of what mainstream hardcore sounds like!

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