Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spotlight: Café de Flore (Kevin Parent, Évelyne Brochu, Hélène Florent, Vanessa Paradis, Marin Gerrier)

I’ve not done a movie review in a while, so I thought I should start doing those again. Maybe get more content on here, I’m sure its getting quite boring for those of you who don’t listen to metal. Although it may not interest you, reviewing albums for a record label is quite an honour. I think it’s a step in the right direction for how I want to be more active in the music industry, since I can’t play in a band the best I can do is organize local concerts and now with these album reviews I feel as if now my thoughts mean something. I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone who views my blog, because without you I’d not have the motivation to even try to keep it alive. Seeing one hundred views or more daily is amazing and makes me smile, because these are my daily view counts even when I don’t post anything. Anyway, on with this movie review!

While looking at the new movies that came to the theatre in my town I could never see me going to a French film, but I sure am glad I did. Café de Flore blew me away and I would definitely go see it again.

This movie is a Canadian drama and was directed and written by Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y., The Young Victoria). At the 2012 Genie Awards it was nominated for thirteen awards, winning two for actress in a leading role with Vanessa Paradis and Christiane Fattori alongside Frédéric Marin in the Achievement in Make-Up category.

I don’t want to give too much way, so I will just copy a short plot summary that has no spoilers. It does explain much and it just gives you an idea of what to expect. “The film cuts between two seemingly unrelated stories. One, set in present-day Montreal, stars Kevin Parent (first role, singer/songwriter) as Antoine, a successful club DJ torn between his new girlfriend Rose (Évelyne Brochu – Frisson des collines, Mirador) and his still-complicated relationship with his ex-wife Carole (Hélène Florent – La galère, Lance et compte, Toute la vérité); the other, set in 1960s Paris, stars Vanessa Paradis (A Monster in Paris, Heartbreaker, The Key) as Jacqueline, the fiercely protective single mother of Laurent (Marin Gerrier), a child with Down syndrome who has a crush on Véro (Alice Dubois), a friend and companion who also has Down syndrome.”

Going into this movie I was a little iffy about having to read subtitles the whole way through, but I got used to it. The music in this movie is very fitting, music being one of the big parts in the character Antoine’s life. The editing in this movie is great, its been a while since I’ve seen a film go silent at certain parts and it really makes you imagine the sounds in the scene yourself. How the storyline unravels is amazing, they don’t confuse you and when they switch between different time periods and dates they actually tell you. Unlike another movie I watch recently coughtinkertailorsoldierspycough. Café de Flore is in my opinion, one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is funny that sometimes foreign and independent films are actually better than some high budget films with big name actors and actresses but I guess these days and the mind sets of people, that’s just how it goes. I really recommend seeing Café de Flore and believe it deserves more praise than it will most likely get.

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